Marika Pretorius

Marika Pretorius

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Kallah Ohr Photography
Feather Communications

Libetree collaborates with:

Kallah Ohr
Kristen Carpenter Kling
MOKC +co
Odette Will
King’s Kid Embroidery

I prefer:

  • Coffee black
  • Chocolate dark
  • Window with a view
  • Trees big enough to sleep in
  • Movies unpredictable
  • H20 in large enough quantities to swim in
  • and cold enough for skating on
  • Passport close
  • My pens and sketchbook even closer
  • Conversations long and deep
  • Friends that are keen for adventures
  • Starting a day with the wind in my hair
  • Carrying light
  • Living simply - and inspiring others to simply LIVE!


We have this joke in the family; that I could draw before I could spell... Born and bred in Pretoria, South Africa. After schooling I studied Information Design at the University of Pretoria. Since 2011 I registered my business as LIBERTREE illustration solutions pty (ltd). I specialise in illustration with a fine- arts twist and create with pictures.

Styles and medium possibilities are endless. I’m up for a challenge and enjoy getting hands-on. Surfaces unlimited: be it a wall, skin, canvas, wood, paper etc. I find this super-power rather handy when there is a language barrier. I love pictures and want to use my skills as an extension of what the client can only picture in their mind.

E –mail me for an appointment, query or quotation. If you enjoy the process: follow me on twitter, Facebook or Instagram.